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Some of Texas' greatest strengths spring from its sheer size and geographic diversity. But while these assets contribute to our thriving economy and create many opportunities, they sometimes increase our chances for natural disasters and other emergencies.

Texas ranks high among U.S. states in its number and variety of natural disasters, ranging from flooding to drought and from wildfires to ice storms. According to FEMA, Texans have experienced 263 federally declared disasters since 1953.

To help with issues that arise, the Parker County Chamber of Commerce formed a foundation for disaster relief. Because of the support of so many businesses, organizations, individuals and chamber members, the Parker County Chamber Foundation’s impact on our community continues to grow. We thank each one of our supporters for helping us develop the future of our beautiful community with a clear and productive vision.

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Parker County Chamber Foundation
Attn: Lisa Flowers
100 Chuckwagon Trail
Willow Park, TX 76087

Please make checks payable to the "Parker County Chamber Foundation"

Our Purpose

The purpose of the Foundation will be to carry out and provide funding in the area of disaster relief in the county of Parker, Texas, the counties contiguous to Parker County, and to other areas in the State of Texas.

Our Mission

The Parker County Chamber of Commerce Foundation educates and assists the business community in disaster recovery.

Our Financials

The Foundations financial reports are compiled monthly and are available for viewing at the Parker County Chamber of Commerce office located at 100 Chuckwagon Trail, Willow Park, TX 76087.

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The PCCC is registered with the IRS as a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation. Donors can deduct contributions they make to the Foundation under IRC Section 170. The Foundation also qualifies to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under Section 2055, 2106, or 2522.

A Word From Chairman Andrew Decker

The Parker County Chamber of Commerce Foundation has been instrumental in supporting local businesses and communities during times of crisis since its establishment in 2019. Here's a summary of its activities and impact:

  1. Mission and Focus: Established in 2019 as a 501(c)3 charitable foundation, the Foundation's primary objective is to educate and assist the business community in disaster recovery.
  2. Pandemic Relief (2020): In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent business shutdowns in 2020, the Foundation provided substantial support to local businesses. Over $15,000 was distributed to help cover essential expenses such as salaries, bills, and inventories.
  3. Winter Storm Assistance (February 2021): Texas faced unprecedented challenges with the worst winter storm in over 30 years in February 2021. Recognizing the additional strain on businesses, the Foundation extended its assistance, providing funds to help cover extra losses incurred during the week of complete business stoppage.
  4. Source of Funds: The Foundation's funds primarily come from donations made by members of the Parker County Chamber of Commerce, highlighting a community-driven effort to support local businesses in times of need.
  5. Local Impact: All grants distributed in 2020 and 2021 were channeled back into the local community, emphasizing the Foundation's commitment to bolstering the resilience of Parker County businesses and residents.
  6. Support Beyond Parker County (2022): In 2022, the Foundation expanded its reach to assist neighboring counties affected by disasters. Over $9,000 in grants were provided to support businesses in Eastland and Jacksboro County, responding to the wildfires and tornado that struck these areas.
  7. Total Impact: As of the current date, the Parker County Foundation has distributed a cumulative total of $50,250.01 back into the community, showcasing its significant contribution to local economic recovery and resilience efforts.

Overall, the Parker County Chamber of Commerce Foundation stands as a vital pillar of support for businesses and communities, exemplifying the spirit of solidarity and assistance during times of adversity.

To make a contribution to the Parker County Chamber Foundation, please mail your donation to:

Here are some helpful resources to help in the event of a natural disaster:

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Foundation Board of Directors

Executive Committee

Andrew Decker
Andrew Decker Law, PLLC

Trevor Russell
Higginbotham Insurance

Steve Bartley
Ciera Bank

Stacy Lynch-Evans
Lynch Legacy Group eXp


Lea Young
City of Willow Park

Rakisha Chenault
ReUnion Title of Texas

Ex-officio Members

Lisa L. Flowers, CCE, IOM
President & CEO
Parker County Chamber of Commerce

Julie Wilks
Chairwoman of the Board
Parker County Chamber of Commerce